Bad language

Unlike the English, Dutch doesn't normally use anal words to express one's anger with something. We, the Dutch, are more genital oriented, both male and female genitals are used (the male ones are generally used for male persons, the female ones for female persons and also for general things).
Of course, the English (mostly American) influence is present in the common Dutch language. Words like 'shit' are commonly used, especially by the youth.
We also have blasphemous words which are generally in the same format as the English.
Another good (or bad) habit of us is to diagnose people we don't like as sufferers of a particular illness or sickness.
Also some dirty words will be listed here.
We will only list and translate the words below, not try to pronounce them, since we haven't had most of the vowel and consonant sounds yet. Also don't use them in a sentence yet, just shout them: "Eikel!!!"
beffen {to suck pussy}
borst {breast}
eikel dickhead
godverdomme goddamned
hoer whore
jezus! jesus!
kankerlijer cancer sufferer
klerelijer cholera sufferer ("klere" is slang for "cholera")
klerehoer cholera suffering whore
"klere" can be placed before almost each noun, just like fucking)
klootzak scrotum
kont {ass}
kut {cunt}
kutwijf cunt vixen/shrew
lul cock
naaien {to screw}
neuken {to fuck}
penis {penis}
pijpen {to suck cock}
pik {dick}
slet slut
tepel {nipple}
tiet {tit}
vagina {vagina}

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