Lesson 5: Where are you all?

We will handle the plural form of nouns.
The adjective {where} and the other forms of 'jij', 'zij' and 'hij' are given.
Some diphthongs are given.
And some more dirty words.
Bad language

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The Dutch language has many diphthongs (two or more vowels forming one sound together).
We'll introduce some more:
"oe", "aai", "eeu"
Dutch also has some sort-a consonant diphthong: one of them is "sch".

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Some weirder sounding diphthongs:

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The Dutch word for {where} is "waar", the word for {there} is "daar".
Because adjectives like "waar" are used in questions, sentences have the form:
"Waar is hij?" {where is he?}
The answer to this question has the same form, unlike the English which would be:
{There he is} with the form {ADJECTIVE OBJECT VERB}
"Daar is hij." with the form "ADJECTIVE VERB OBJECT".
or: "Hij is daar.", like the English {He is over there}
There are other forms for the pronouns "jij", "hij" and "zij" (singular and plural).
They are:
"je" - "jij"
"ie" - "hij"
"ze" - "zij"
"je" and "ze" are normally used in most of the cases. "jij" and "zij" are used when stress or emphasis is used on the objects.
For example: {Where is Susan? She is there.}, but
{Who did it? SHE did it!}, or
{Did Paul and Susan do it? No, SHE did it!}
The "ie" pronoun can't be used in this form. It's only used in sentences with forms like:
"Hier is ie." {Here he is.}
Basically, the plural of nouns, are the singular form followed by either "en" or "s".
When do you get "en" and when "s", you may wonder. Well, usually you get "en", but when the word ends with a vowel or with "el", "en" or "er" (with a mute "e"), it gets an "s".
With "en" the doubling of a single consonant after a single vowel "a", "e", "i", "o", "u" applies, and the 'singling' of the diphthongs "aa", "ee", "oo" and "uu" in an open syllable applies, just like with the verbs.
Another rule is that the "s" plural form gets a preceding quote (like in: 's) when the singular form ends with a "a", "e", "i", "o", "u" or "y" in which this vowel isn't part of a diphthong, and the "e" should be the mute one.
To complete it, yet another rule for the "en" form: when the singular form ends with an "f" which wouldn't be doubled in the plural form (see above) the "f" is changed to a "v" in the plural form.
The same goes for the "s" which is changed to a "z" (btw. these two rules also apply for verbs).
And of course there are words which are irregular and follow their own rule.
Examples: "vrouw/vrouwen", "man/mannen", "stoel/stoelen", "lepel/lepels", "muur/muren", "opa/opa's", "auto/auto's", "lente/lentes", "huis/huizen", "kus/kussen", "graf/graven", "verf/verven", "schip/schepen", "kind/kinderen".
The plural form always gets the "de" article.
Finally, some words don't have a plural form, just like in English, which are things you can't count, like "water".

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aan (give) to,
at (her bedside),
on (board),
on (the wall)
auto car [de (m), auto's]
boek book [het, boeken]
daar there
dochter daughter [de (v), dochters]
foto fotograph [de, foto's]
geven to give [geef geeft geven]
hier here
ie he
je you (singular)
kus kiss [de (m), kussen]
lepel spoon [de (m), lepels]
mes knife [het, messen]
muur wall [de (m), muren]
oma grandma, granny [de (v), oma's]
opa grandad [de (m), opa's]
schip ship [het, schepen]
van of, from, belonging to
vork fork [de, vorken]
waar where
ze she/they
zoon son [de (m), zonen]

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De kinderen kussen oma in de auto. The children kiss grandma in the car.
Waar zijn de lepels en de vorken van de zoon? Where are the spoons and the forks of the son?
Hij geeft de messen aan opa. He gives the knifes to grandad.
Oma's en opa's hebben foto's van de kinderen aan de muur. Grandmas and grandads have pictures of the children on the wall.

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Bad language

We'll give you some dirty words regarding sex this time.

borst {breast}
tepel {nipple}
tiet {tit}
kont {ass}
penis {penis}
vagina {vagina}
kut {cunt}
pik {dick}
lul {cock}
neuken {to fuck}
naaien {to screw}
beffen {to suck pussy}
pijpen {to suck cock}

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